New Feature: Buttons

Say hello to our new buttons.

The kubik Ghost Theme now has a new feature: Buttons!

Buttons are an emphasized link that grabs more attention than just a standard link. Those buttons can be added easily with simple HTML code.

<a class="button">This is a button</a>

Then, a nice little button appears.

This is a button

You can also style your button on the fly by adding more style tags to it. You can add color tags, which include red, white and black. You can also add the large-tag to make the button larger in size.

For example, you can make a large, red button by adding the corresponding style tags:

<a class="button red large">This is a large, red button</a>

And there you go:

This is a large, red button

Here is a demo of are all styles that are available:

This is a button
This is a black button
This is a white button
This is a red button
This is a large button
This is a large black button
This is a large white button
This is a large red button